New Recitals to Attend

by My Compatriots

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Reformedguy I have listened to this album hundreds of times and still love it just as much. Probably in my top 5 favorite albums ever. Truly wonderful. Favorite track: You Can Never Laugh Too Much.
Jared fourteen fourteen
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Jared fourteen fourteen Original, sophisticated, nostalgic indie/pop.

Best album of 2015. Favorite track: Down Town Premendade.
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Back in 1995, I found this incredible local band called "Bloodshed" that played a ferocious blend of hardcore and emotional rock, something people referred to as "Emocore". It took almost a decade for the sound to truly catch on and bands everywhere began adopting their own blend of sing/scream core. Something the boys in Bloodshed had been playing for a few years. Their Sunny Day Real Estate influence clearly worn on their sleeves but mix that with the sounds of other California hardcore bands and you had an explosive combo sure to start fires all over the nation. So what happened? Well the band released two eps on Tooth & Nail Records, dropped their screamer, added a new one then changed their name to "Slingshot David" and well, broke up.

The story goes, I was booking shows locally at the age of 18. Bloodshed was one of my faves so of course I began to book them. Also at the same time, I began working with Kendall Nadeau of G-Rock fame and encouraged him to start a record label. He did that and I began to turn in all the demo tapes/cds I had been amassing. I wanted Bloodshed/Slingshot David signed really bad and pushed for them but it was rejected for whatever reason. After a few years, I went off and got married, Slingshot Records became Screaming Giant Records and the rest is history. This wasn't it for Jonathan Caro (Ex-Singer/Bassist/Songwriter for Bloodshed and Slingshot David). He would go on to form The Moodswingers with a few Bloodshed members and then Stairwell.

Fast forward 20 years....

Jonathan Caro has been making music for over 2 decades now and this new release by Southern California indie rock band, My Compatriots, is further proof of the songwriting genius and talent that Mr. Caro is. When I thought about distributing new music under the Screaming Giant name, I instantly thought of Jonathan Caro and his music.

My Compatriots return with their new 14 song epic masterpiece of an album titled "New Recitals to Attend" and it's nothing short of extraordinary. Truly wonderful music meant to inspire and get you singing along. Imagine the sounds of Jimmy Eat World meets Stairwell meets Jets to Brazil meets Starflyer 59. Lush arrangements complimented by well placed strings and enticing background vocals make this a truly captivating record. From start to finish, you can't help but be mesmerized.

So without further adieu, I bring you My Compatriots.


released July 27, 2015

On this recording:
Jonathan Caro - Vox, Guitar
Bryan Mayfield - Vox, Bass, Keys
Ryan Mcintosh -Vox, Guitar
Steve Elkins - Drums

Additional Instruments:
Matt Lapoint - Keys
Amanda Salazar - Violins
Ramona Creaga - Additional Keys
Orlando Greenhill - Upright Bass
Ryan Mcintosh - Keys
Jonathan Caro - Keys

Additional Players:
Jake Burkett - Vox, Drums
Sean Parent - Keys, Bass

Ryan Mcintosh, Jonathan Caro, Matt Lapoint

Produced by:
My Compatriots and Matt Lapoint

Recorded at:
The Parkview Studios, Anaheim, CA.

Mixed by:
Matt Lapoint, Santa Monica, CA.

Capitol Records by Evren Gokner



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